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Soccer The Winning Way: Play Like The Pros

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Soccer The Winning Way Play Like

My kids want to reveal to you this excellent children's book called Soccer The Winning Way: Play Like The Pros. Written by Bob Mackin and the publisher is Greystone. This book went on sale in December of 2001. The paperback children's book concerns Soccer and is regarded as exceptional juvenile literature. The child's book has 64 pages and it is full of amazingly colored illustrations.


ISBN: 1550548255
Author: Bob Mackin

Soccer great Pelé once called it"the beautiful game"--but it's also a high-speed, high-skills sport, and 1 of many most popular across the globe. Every potential is broken down with how-to pictures; the point-form checklists, highlights of key points, instructions, and insider advice make mastering the game fun. And hundreds of thousands of budding soccer stars want to know what it takes to win, to be the one particular who races end-to-end and scores a goal. Full-color photographs of professionals in game situations--accompanied by personal tips from luminaries including Ronaldo, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, and Mia Hamm--illustrate the intricacies of passing, shooting, heading, footwork, teamwork, fitness, marking, and tackling. or effectively blocks one. Here come some of the world's finest youth coaches and the top-of-the-line pros, ready and eager to divulge their secrets to young players.


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